Is Cryogenic Liposuction the New Liposuction Alternative?

Is Cryogenic Liposuction the New Liposuction Alternative?

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Man Flanks2 150x150 Is Cryogenic Liposuction the New Liposuction Alternative?

If you have been watching new cosmetic procedures coming available in the last few years – the years that might in the future be dubbed the ‘plastic surgery awakening’ – you may have come across Cryolipolysis, the recent new addition to the liposuction family. Cryolipolysis – or cryogenic liposuction, as it is more commonly known – is an interesting alternative to laser liposuction procedures that have become popular.

In laser liposuction, also referred to as laser lipolysis, the cosmetic surgeon uses a specially calibrated laser to liquefy fat beneath the surface of the skin. The fat is reduced to an oily, liquid substance which is then usually suctioned out via a very small cannula. However, this technique is only suitable for smaller pockets of fat.

Instead of heating the fat up and liquefying it, cryogenic liposuction uses the opposite of this – cooling the fat right down. The cooling cryogenic energy is transmitted into the body via a probe, causing the body’s defences to act, sending anti-inflammatory responses over to the given area. This means the cryolipolysis jump-starts the lymphatic system into action. The fat is removed in a much more body-friendly way – over time.

So, there are obvious advantages to Cryolipolysis over laser lipolysis. However, it has to be said that both methods are really only meant for the removal of relatively small amounts of fat. So, if you’re naturally slim and have minor pockets of fat to get rid of, it could be that this new technique is all you need.

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